It’s beautiful; Sherlock eventually said and intertwined their fingers. John placed his head on Sherlock’s chest and together they continued to watch the sky as it had been on the 6th January forty years ago - the night Sherlock Holmes had been born.
For a long time they just watched, in silence, and if that wasn’t remarkable enough on its own, Sherlock could also not deny a kind of weight on his heart. A pleasant weight, but a weight nonetheless - Emotions - Sentiment - Memories. He glanced at John, his eyes caressing his compact form, snuggled up closely and safely in his arms, and his chest heaved with a mighty sigh. ‘It’s all right, Sherlock.’ John said soothingly against his chest, ‘We don’t have to talk.’
Dark Matter by Junejuly15

So my first fanficfanart (tadaa!) Is a birthdaypresent for one of the best Johnlockwriters I know.

Happy Birthday, my dear! Thank you, for writing brilliant fics. Thank you, for sending me all those messages which cheer me up when I am sad or had a horrible day at school! Thanks, for being wonderful and patient
I wish you inspiration, sunshine, luck, a healthy family and that all your wishes may come true. :-) I hope you like my drawing!
Love, May